I just bought two 1.5 TB SATA drives

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1.5 TB Disk

Check out that craziness.  I went to Fry’s looking for a 1 TB drive, and found one.  There were 1 TB Seagate drives for $130, but then I saw 1.5 TB Seagate drives for $160!  The bigger one was actually cheaper!

I bought two, plugged them into my motherboard and striped them.  Now I’ve got 3 TB of (yeah, I know unprotected) storage!  That’s just craziness, isn’t it?

When I joined this industry, our biggest server at the $35B bank was 4 GB and the entire datacenter added up to 300 GB.  I just bought a drive that’s five times the size of my datacenter was.  Craziness.  Just craziness.

(In case you’re curious, I will be doing disk backups of this puppy, and they’ll be stored on a Drobo.  Love the Drobo.)

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4 thoughts on “I just bought two 1.5 TB SATA drives

  1. subaqua says:

    I bought one of these back in mid-september from newegg (sadly for $189.00) I was initially having trouble with it on my Mac Pro but Seagate hooked me up with new firmware (SD1A) which seems to have fixed the problem. Hopefully your pair works well in the drobo.


  2. beilman says:

    The prices are crazy. I thought I would throw this in to the mix. I had bought a WD MyBook 512GB driver ~15 months ago. At that time, good price etc. Your 1.5TB is about the same price. 2 weeks ago, the drive started to fail. It was a back up drive. I went to WD site and MyBooks only have 1 yr warranty where the raw disks have a 3-5 yr warranty. I took the bad boy apart, hoping that the internal s/n was perhaps different and was under warranty. Same S/N. Out of luck.

    It’s better just to buy a USB/Sata enclosure an get raw disks (like the one you bought) that can be swapped out (and have a better warranty). It looks like the Mybooks are just the crap that has the lower yield.

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