I'm actually blushing

James Pyles of http://www.linux-tutorial.info gets the credit for the first "official" review of Backup & Recovery.  (The Amazon.com user review is the first review of any kind.)  You can read the review at:


He was flattering to the point of actually making my blush.  In addition to saying very nice things about the book, he also pointed people to the new backupcentral.com.  

We've got 125 registered members in our first month.  I'm seeing emails, forum posts, and comments to the stories.  It's exciting!

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How NetWorker cloning and multiplexing really work

I was seeing a lot of conflicting information going around about NetWorker with regard to cloning and multiplexing.  Even I wasn't sure anymore how it worked.  Does it preserve it or not?  Does it do one thing for small savesets and another for larger ones?  Does doing it via the GUI or the command line change its behavior?  Does automatic cloning (group level cloning) work any different?  The only official answers I could find from EMC actually muddied the waters, so I decided to do my own testing to prove it one way or another. Continue reading