Hackers read encrypted hard drives

If you're encrypting the data on your hard drive using OS-level software encryption (e.g. Windows EFS, Vista BitBlocker, MacOS FileVault, Linux DM-Crypt, or TrueCrypt ), then a research study at Princeton University, partially funded by the Department of Homeland Security, has figured out how to read that data without your password.  Well, that's just great.

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Quantum's Dedupe: Inline or not? (Updated 7/08)

I kept reading stories like this one that said that Quantum’s dedupe is inline. Then I would hear from those “in the know” that said it was post-process. Different people at Quantum would say different things. Some would say that they run the dedupe at the same time as the ingest, so they considered it inline, although data is hitting disk before it’s deduped. They say since it only hits disk for a few seconds, it’s really inline. I said, “No it’s not.” So what’s the scoop? Read on to see. Continue reading

The irrelevant risks of a disk-only backup strategy

Odd title, you say?  It was inspired by a Cybernetics whitepaper that I read this morning entitled "The Risks of a Disk-Only Backup Strategy."  You can read the whitepaper yourself by following this link.  While I actually have a fond place in my heart for Cybernetics, I think this paper isn't worth the paper I didn't print it on.  Click "Read More" to see why. Continue reading