NetApp's Protection Manager

NetApp has had an interesting line of data protection products for a long time, including snapmirror, snapvault, snapmanager, and open systems snapvault.  What they didn’t have was a centralized place to configure, manage, and report on all those things.  That all changed with the release of Protection Manager several months ago.  Click Read More to learn more.
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More Misinformation About Dedupe

The second installment of a Byte and Switch four-part series is out, and it’s full of the same untrue statements found in the first installment.  I will say the same thing I said in a comment I made on the first installment: “Is the author completely unaware [of the real facts] … Or is the author purposefully withholding information…?”  Click Read More to see both sides of the story that he is only telling one side of.

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Agentless Backup: Not evil after all

I’m reversing a long-standing position of mine, and people who know me know I don’t do that sort of thing very often.  (My wife would tell you I never do.) Typical backup software installs an agent on each system to be protected.  Agentless backup gets the job done without installing agents, choosing instead to log in to each server each time it does a backup.  I’ve never liked this for security reasons, but someone has finally described to me an agentless setup that is just as secure (if not more secure) than the typical agent-based approach.  Click Read More to find out which one.
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New Front Page!

The front page of Backup Central now has small articles like this one to point you to what’s happening all over the site, instead of just blogs from Mr. Backup.  The blog is still here, and it can be reached from the main menu, or by clicking this link.  We also still have our Product Directories, FAQs, Forums, & Mailing Lists, all of which are also accessible from the menus above.
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Product Directories

From deduplication hardware to backup software, we’ve got a product directory for it.  The best part is that they’re all hosted in MediaWiki (just like Wikipedia) so you can update them as you see fit!  If there’s a missing or outdated product, just click Edit!

Select “Product Directories” from the menu above to visit one of our directories.  If you’d like to help maintain them, just get yourself a free Backup Central User ID and click Edit.


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User-Contributed FAQs

Backup Central hosts the official NetWorker FAQ & NetBackup FAQs, as well as an unofficial TSM FAQ.  They’re in a MediaWiki, just like Wikipedia uses.  This means that users just like you can update the entries as they see fit.  If you see an entry that needs updating, just click Edit! 

Select “FAQs” from the menu above to select one of our FAQs, or get yourself a free Backup Central User ID if you’d like to help maintain them!

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