History must repeat itself

Thirteen years ago, two companies accomplished the impossible and created NDMP.  It’s become such a standard way to back up NAS that you may have forgotten just how revolutionary it was when it came out.  I’m going to remind you of its history and say that history needs to repeat itself with dedupe & virtualizatioin.  Click Read More to see what in the world I’m talking aobut.
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It's official: I'm a target now

A Tech Target, that is.  You may have already received an email from Tech Target that started out like this:

We’re pleased to announce that W. Curtis Preston — unquestionably the leading independent expert on the topic of backup and recovery — has joined TechTarget in the role of Executive Editor. Curtis will continue to pursue his career as an independent consultant, while expanding his already prolific writing and speaking efforts with TechTarget.

For more about how this will (or will not) impact Backup Central, as well as the business idea I’m working on, click Read More.

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