Cloud vendors: Replication is not backup

I’ve been following cloud backup vendors (e.g. Mozy, Carbonite, Crashplan) quite closely — and am generally a big fan — but have not spent a lot of time looking at primary cloud vendors. That is, I haven’t spent much time looking at those who would like you to store the only copy of a given piece of data on their storage. Vendors like Amazon, Iron Mountain, and Nirvanix want you to put things like your “persistent” data in their cloud and claim that they can store this data for you cheaper than you can.  Some of these vendors are telling potential customers that the data in their cloud doesn’t need to be backed up, because they’re replicating it all over the place.  I’ve got one word for that: balderdash.

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Crash-consistent backups aren't good enough

Scott Waterhouse finalized his thoughts on the whole VMware backup idea on his blog today.  One of the things he said that surprised me was that, while you can’t get application-consistent backups in VMware without the use of a host-level agent, you can get crash-consistent backups. My response is simply this:  I’m sorry, that is not even close to the MINIMUM requirement of what you need.
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Why your company needs a Tweep

Tweep: a person who uses twitter

The other day I posted a blog post about Why I love Twitter.  It was very popular and got a lot of people talking about how useful it was to me in that scenario.  I’d also argue that the post points out how useful it was to those on the other side of the conversation — and how everyone should be doing what they were doing.  Let me elaborate.
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