A parody of How to Save a Life

This was the first time we decided to make our own funny music video to go along with the song.  An early effort, of course.  Please note the Guitar Hero guitars the band is playing, along with the rusty guitar set.  (It makes an appearance in another video.)

One of the things we learned over time was that the video ALSO needs to be funny. I think we accomplished that with this one.

2 thoughts on “A parody of How to Save a Life

  1. john q public says:

    Frankly, I didn’t know what to expect Curtis. I thought it’d be corny. But I have to say, you surprised me here. My only suggestion…nix the dubbed musicians. That ruined the flow. Your personal clips and the lyrics were pretty damn funny on their own and relatable for all those IT nerds.

    • W. Curtis Preston says:

      This was our very first video, so we thought the “musicians” would be funny. I still think they’re funny, but I see what you’re saying. FWIW, the singer in the video is the actual singer and keyboardist.

      Also remember we had no budget 😉

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