Video TechTalk: Archiving & Encryption

Searchstorage has just released another video techtalk starring yours truly.  It's about archiving and encryption.

Here's the abstract on the site:

Long-term data retention starts with a good archiving policy and practice. But, don't mistake those backups for archives. Using backups as archives can be time consuming and costly. It is important to understand the fundamentals and importance of archives.

This Video Tech Talk provides an insightful Q&A session with storage expert W. Curtis Preston. View this presentation to hear Curtis explain what archives are, how they differ from backups and the intricacies of data encryption.

In this Video Tech Talk, GlassHouse Technologies' VP of Data Protection W. Curtis Preston, highlights the basic aspects of archiving and encryption and explains strategies for best performance. Get expert insight to questions like:


  • What's the difference between backups and archives?
  • What are archives good for?
  • How does data classification fit into backup?
  • What's the best way to do encryption?
  • Is hardware the only option for mass encryption?
  • And more

Check out the video here.