Atempo acquires Storactive

Atempo Inc., a data protection and storage security company, announced that it has acquired privately-held Storactive Inc. of Marina del Rey, CA, a provider of continuous data protection (CDP) software.

Storactive's LiveBackup line is a suite of application specific continous data protection (CDP) products. They back up servers, desktops, as well as Exchange and SQL Server applicaitions.  The Exchange product is particularly interesting, as it provides both Information Store recovery and mailbox recovery without having to back up either in the traditional manner.  As soon as a mail comes in, it goes out to the CDP server as well.  The product will occasionally tell Exchange that it's been backed up so that it can flush its logs, of course.  Then when you need a restore, it can synthetize a full Information Store backup or a mailbox backup from any point in the continuum.

This acquisition brings CDP to Atempo's suite of products.  Atempo (formerly Quadratec software) is a French company attempting to gain ground in US markets.  The acquisition of Storactive, a Marina del Rey, CA company seems to be part of that strategy.  Perhaps this also will give them a US base of operations.