Backup & Recovery called a "tour de force"

Backup & Recovery got it's first official review at  It got five stars out of five, and calls it a "tour de force."

In a review posted at, James Pyles gave five out of five stars to Backup & Recovery.  He said, "Preston's first book on the subject was a smash. Let's see if lightning strikes twice in the same place."

Apparently, he thought so. 

Backup & Recovery emerges as a top notch resource for anyone specializing in the disaster recovery. In smaller companies, that means anyone responsible for IT in general. If that includes you, this book will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about backup and recovery and then will go on to teach you solutions and skills you didn't even know existed. Preston may not know it all, but he sure knows where to go to find the answers. Having found them, he put them in this book.

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  1. hal says:

    With the doping scandals going on in the current Tour de France, I’m not sure that alluding to this competition is a positive


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