Backup & Recovery Gets 5 Stars on

After waiting for almost a month to see the first review of Backup & Recovery, it just got it's first member review on

Stephanie Sullivan gave the new book five stars.  Here's her full review:

This version updates the 7 year old predecessor. The previous book was very good and widely respected in the UNIX and Linux community. Now Preston has expanded the coverage to include windows and MacIntosh OS-X – of interest to many enterprises with heterogenious environments.

For me the updated Linux/Unix coverage was very welcome. The well organized and accessible content had immediate application myself and a client. Beyond accessibility there is also enough depth to out of trouble and with lots of references points you to sources for details beyond the context of the book.

A great book on backup made even better.

Thanks for your review, Stephanie! I hope the book continues to prove itself useful. 

The book is now available from