Bad restore – A Music Video Parody

Fans of my books and websites may not be aware of my music parody hobby, partly because I never put them all in one place.  So I recently uploaded all of them to Youtube, and am going to post them here as separate articles.

This was the very first one we did, and we didn’t have the budget to do a full video production.  I wrote the lyrics, the very talented Lindsay Romney did the vocals, and her brother did the music and mixing. For the video, we used sections of Lady Gaga’s video and inter-spliced it with sections of other videos.

There is a French portion, since the original song had a French portion.  It simply says “I want my files or I’m going to get fired,” in French.  (Or something like that.)

I hope you enjoy this one.  There are more (and better) videos to come.

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