The Best Thing I Ever Ate Restaurants plotted on Google Maps

Fans of “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” on The Food Network may be wondering where their favorite restaurants are. Well, wonder no more!  I’ve plotted them all on Google Maps.

3 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Ever Ate Restaurants plotted on Google Maps

  1. norrin65 says:

    Hey Curtis, any reason why you haven’t listed “Boston Market” in Westborough, MA? 🙂 – Eric

  2. cpjlboss says:

    These aren’t The Best Things Curtis Ever Ate. They are from a show on the food network. But if it WERE that list, you’d better believe that that restaurant would not be on it. Bolts just aren’t on my diet.

  3. mitch808 says:

    I’ve done AOC, BLD, Crustacean, Father’s Office, Langers Deli, and Phillipe’s in Los Angeles. BLD is amazing, as is Langers! I’ve done the Hodad’s in San Diego, it was just an okay burger.

    In Phoenix, Pizzeria Bianco is to die for. It’ll change the way you look at pizza. It really is the best pizza in the US.

    I really want to try in San Fran Incanto’s “Leg of Beast.” as well as their bone marrow, but alas it’s a minimum of 6 people to order that. Man I love bone marrow!

    More than anything I love the hosts that are true to their home town, always sticking close their home town, picking local fair.

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