Crazy Pills

See, I told you NetApp wouldn’t match EMC’s offer!  What’s that?  They matched it?  To see what I think about that, click Read More.

Everyone thought $1.5B was too much for NetApp.  Now they’re offering $1.8B to match EMC?  Are you SERIOUS?!?!?!

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

My original comments about this deal stand if NetApp gets it.  Steve Duplessie made a great blog entry about his thoughts about what happens if EMC or NetApp wins or loses. If you want some serious thoughts on this potential acquisitions, check it out.

Me?  I think I have become the Simon Cowell of the Storage Industry.  If I bag on something, then it might happen.  (Like when Simon would be really mean to an American Idol contestant and they would get more votes due to sympathy.)  Alright, if I really have this power, here goes.

There’s NO WAY that EMC is going to sweeten their bid to make sure that the stockholders pick them.