Doctor & Public Health expert explains current state of the pandemic (Restore it All Podcast #79)

Lindsey Schulz MD/MPH visits us again to give us an update on the current state of COVID-19. There is good and bad news, as we are in the midst of the third wave of cases and deaths. But the good news is that health care professionals have learned a lot about the virus in the last several months that have helped to reduce the death rate somewhat, and improve quality of life for those suffering from the illness. We discuss the logic of closing schools, restaurants, and bars, and Lindsey’s interesting thoughts on that, which are actually a bit different than what I hear in the news.  We also discuss case positivity rate, and how it doesn’t mean what you think it means.  Next week’s episode will focus on the vaccines that we now know about, but this week we will just talk about the current state of the disease itself.

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