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R15 MS SQL backup

Posted by nhbilly 
R15 MS SQL backup
October 10, 2011 07:28AM
I have the agent installed to backup the sql server, but does the agent need permission to the database in order to backup that up too? And if I do need to give the agent access will backup operator permission be sufficient?

R15 MS SQL backup
October 10, 2011 03:21PM
Here is the answer guys.

this is what the documentation say (CA ARCserve Backup for Windows Agent for Microsoft SQL Server Guide); page 15 ff.:

Access Requirements

When you submit a job that includes Windows database servers, CA ARCserve Backup
prompts you for a system user name and password for the system on which the
database resides. CA ARCserve Backup accesses the remote servers using this user name
and password.
A Microsoft SQL Server native user name and password are also required to access some
database instances. When prompted by the system, enter the Microsoft SQL Server user
ID and the password of the system administrator (sa), or enter a user ID and password
with equivalent privileges. For more information about agent security configuration, see
Configuring Microsoft SQL Server Security Settings.
Note: There are two different data transfer mechanisms available to the agent, and they
have different permission requirements. A backup using Named Pipes only requires the
Backup Operator permission for the specific database being backed up, and the
Database Creator role to perform the restore. A backup using Virtual Devices requires
the System Administrator role. However, the Named Pipes mechanism is available only
for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and 2000. The CA ARCserve Backup Agent for Microsoft
SQL Server requires Local Administrator permission in Windows Vista, Windows Server
2008 and later.
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