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SAP Backup using SAP Agent/backint

Posted by Msororaji 
SAP Backup using SAP Agent/backint
February 02, 2012 12:13PM

I'm trying to configure SAP Backup thru' SAP Agent/backint . I've done all the required configurations but there is one bit that I don't understand. Below is a sample of my biparam.ini file

Job Name= DEV-Backup

Job Template=SAP-DB-backup
Backup Catalog=no

1) Where does one create the job name (in biparam.ini) ? Is it created in SAP or in the Backup Exec Console ?
2) how do you execute this job from SAP or the command line ? Is it via brbackup command line ? If so where in the command do you specify the job name ? I will appreciate an example


Kindly assist
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