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Poor speed to tape from Data Domain with Backup Exec

Posted by iroorda 
Poor speed to tape from Data Domain with Backup Exec
February 16, 2012 06:30AM

I am using Backup Exec 2010 R3, reading from a CIFS share on a Data Domain DD640 and writing to LTO-4 tapes in a Dell TL2000 tape library. The speeds that I get are unsatisfactory - 26MB/sec at best - and I'm assuming that at that speed my tapes are shoe-shining. I get decent speed (>50MB/sec) when reading from an iSCSI array and writing to tape with the same loader, so I'm fairly sure that the drive isn't the problem. According to the stats on the Data Domain, I am not maxing out the LAN, CPU, or IOPS of the disks. I have talked with Data Domain support; they have told me that the slow speed is likely a result of the overhead associated with CIFS and that 25-30MB/sec is pretty good single-stream read performance for this appliance. They recommend that I try NFS to see if I get better read performance using that protocol.

I have two questions. First, does anyone have any other suggestions to improve the speed that I can read from the Data Domain and write to tape using CIFS? I am not assuming that Data Domain support is incorrect, but I thought I would pose the question just in case. Second, what options would I have to back up an NFS export from the Data Domain using Backup Exec?


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