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new to QNAP and Backup exec --need some advice

Posted by patliz1 
new to QNAP and Backup exec --need some advice
April 25, 2012 07:27AM

I just inherited a network and I am new to Backup Exec. We also just purchased 2 QNAP NAS devices with 9tb of space. I have been able to work through the software and actually backed up to the nas device without a problem, but I am not sure if it is the best way of doing it. Here is my configuration and what I would like to do.

2 QNAP TS859U+ devices--one will be onsite and one will be offsite. they willbe configured with duplicate network connections

2 servers with LTO tape drives and a copy of backup exec on each server

We are currently doing a monthly backup on tape and then a differential backup (the monthly's are done twice on for offsite and on for onsite)

What I would like to do is the following:

Each server to back up to the onsite NAS and then the onsite NAS gets replicated to the offsite NAS using either the rsync software or something else or should I just set up jobs and backup directly to the offsite NAS--will be on the same network.

The onsite NAS monthly backups get backed up to one of the tape drives.

I would like a monthly backup as well as a daily differential backup per week. I would like to be able to keep the monthlys separate as well as a weeks worth of differentials separate. The monthlys we would keep for a year and then overwrite. The weeklys we would overwrite each week.

What would be the best way to set this up--create a share folder on the NAS called backup. Create 4 sub-directories called S1_monthly, S1_diff, S2_monthly, and S2_diff. Under the S1_monthly create 12 subdirectories representing the month and under the S1_diff create 4 subdirectories representing the 4 weeks. or is there a better way?

How many media sets do I need? 1 for each month for each server (that would be 24 total) and 1 for each week (that would be 8 total) or is there another way of doing it. What should the OPP and AP be set for?

How many B2D folders do I need to create? 1 for each month for each server (that would be 24 total ) and 1 for each week (that would be 8 total) or is there another way of doing it. Should I keep the maximum size set at 4gb and 100 files and allow 2 concurrent operations?

How many jobs do I need to setup? again one for each month and 1 for each week per server or ? Should I set overwrite or append to media?

Server 1 monthly's would be on the 1st of each month, server 2 monthlys wold be on the 3rd of each month

The differentials for each server would start at differnet times.

Should I use iscsi or the default to connect to the NAS?

Thank you. :D
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