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Backup End Time Incorrect - Causing Restore Problems

Posted by joe1871 
Backup End Time Incorrect - Causing Restore Problems
July 17, 2012 05:23PM
I have a remote NDMP backup I ran against a NetApp filer that ran overnight. I started in at 4 in the afternoon on the 11the of July, and it finished at 3 the next morning, the 12th.. However the time/date on the backup says it finished at 3:00 AM on the [u]11th[/u], so it thinks the start time is several hours later later than the end time. I cannot restore this data because of this. At least I think that is the problem.

Is there a way to edit the DB to correct this? Or some other means of changing the backup info to fix the issue? It would be a great help - really appreciated.

Second question - doing a restore to a filer from a backup taken on a different filer. What restore method do I use? This is a restore from the master server using remote NDMP (the storage unit on the client is Media Manager, the policy type is NDMP,set to backup through a true NDMP client - another NetApp filer..). How do I specify the restore path in the Backup, Archive, and Restore utility? I am using the 2nd choice - to restore to an alternate location but keep the same path structure. How do I specify the restore path?

Thanks in advance. I really appreciate the help.

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