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something happened !!

Posted by davecason 
something happened !!
January 05, 2016 08:31AM
Hi, I run an old copy of backup exec 2010 r3 on my old HP server Dl360 with surestore drive. Earlier in the week I pulled out 3 tapes and didn't put in the other 3 for day .... this caused the backup exec to throw up an error 58053 and it put the tape drive under library offline.

I shut down the server and then the library and restarted the library and then the server .... it's back online but the slots in my 2 partitions now say they're both empty .....one is tapes 0001-0020 for the day to day and tapes 0021-0024 are offsite tapes (3) and one cleaning.

The media sets are all still there but they are all showing up in the OFFLINE MEDIA menu and not in the ONLINE one above that in the Media Tab down at the bottom under the Media Location drop down in the left pane on the program

What do I need to do to get the media sets back in the on-line section and then get the "Inventory" command to work and see the tapes again?
Any HELP is appreciated very much!

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