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Cannot Add Netvault Client on the Netvault Server

Posted by Anonymous 
Cannot Add Netvault Client on the Netvault Server
November 02, 2011 07:57AM
Hi Jojo

I've similar problem.

I've NV server running on Linux and I am trying to use my PC as NV client. I've VPN connectivity to which I've access to NV server.

Is there some port which need to be opened on my laptop so that nv server can send data.

I am unable to use my laptop as nv client. Please help.

Thanks in Advance

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Sir Jojo,

Thanks for the advice...

i just edit the hosts file

Backup Server
C:......system32driversetchosts "add the netvault client IP and hostname"

Client Server
C:......system32driversetchosts "add the netvault server IP and hostname"

after some minutes...
Try again to add the netvault client on client management and successfully add

Thanks for all the support
Andre Manatad
Jr Technical Engineer

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