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Aux Copy, no source copy

Posted by richbcph 
Aux Copy, no source copy
April 06, 2016 01:39PM
H all new to the forums. We are on 10R2 SP11 and getting this error on an aux copy job: Unable to get source MediaAgent. There is no active controller for this device. After poking around I found that the aux copy is looking for an old storage library that no longer exists (it died and was replaced). No big deal just specify a new source for the aux copy. The problem is when you click the drop down for "Specify Source for Auxiliary Copy" the drop down in blank. It does not see any storage policies, at all. There is a primary, MySQL & SQL Server storage policies so something is obviously not working. I have restarted the server, restarted all cv services. What am I missing here?

Step [b]a[/b] is where I am having issues..

Directions direct from the documentation:

Specifying the Source for the Copy
A source copy is a storage policy copy from which data is read and copied to secondary copy during Auxiliary Copy operations. By default, the source copy to all synchronous copies is a primary copy.
Before specifying the source copy, make sure that both the storage policy copies have same CommCell entities (clients, agents, subclients and so on) associated, or this copy has a fewer CommCell entities associated than the source copy.

Applies To
•Synchronous Copy, Selective Copy, Parallel Copy, Deferred Copy, Spool Copy, and WORM Copy

To specify the source copy for the storage policy copy:
1.From the CommCell Browser, expand Policies | Storage Policies | <Storage_Policy>.
2.Right-click the appropriate storage policy copy and then click Properties.
3.In the Copy Properties dialog box, click the Copy Policy tab, select the following settings and then click OK.
a.Select the Specify Source for Auxiliary Copy check box
b.From the list, select the storage policy copy.
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