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Suggestions On Backing Up a DFSR Repository Server

Posted by Anonymous 
Suggestions On Backing Up a DFSR Repository Server
July 23, 2016 03:51AM
Suggestions On Backing Up a DFSR Repository Server

Hi All,

Just wanted to ask your opinion on what is the best approach to backup a DFSR. This server is a Hyper-V VM and most of the servers in this Hyper-V environment will be backup using Intellisnap with VSA. However, I would like to ask your opinion what is the best way to backup a DFSR server

I am leaning towards filesystem ( syn full and incs ) for the DSFR data and VSA/Intellisnap for the OS disk.

Your suggestions are highly appreciated


Posted by: Noel Echo <noel.echo < at > yahoo.com.au>

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Suggestions On Backing Up a DFSR Repository Server
October 25, 2016 04:29AM
that depends what they will be used for (I mean data on dfsr). if they are files for end user which they work on you can easily use intellisnap to do backup of everything . If on second hand they are for some specific application I would rather to back them up with appropriate agent to have data in consistent-app-level state.
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