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Prevent admin access to user data option in v. 10?

Posted by zibby 
Prevent admin access to user data option in v. 10?
September 22, 2016 08:06AM
Hello all,

Can someone help me understand what the "Prevent admin access to user data" option under System > Security in version 10 does?

It's currently unchecked. Our security department wants this checked.

I've read the documentation on this. I just need clarification on the real-world implications of checking this option.

I'm the client owner of nearly all clients. Some clients have no client owner. If I check this option, does that mean I would be the only one who can do a restore of the clients for which I am the client owner? What about the ones with no client owner? I really do not want to go on to each client and make every backup administrator a client owner; we have 291 backup clients (the last time I counted). Wouldn't making everyone a client owner of all the clients defeat the purpose of checking the "prevent admin access to user data" option?
Prevent admin access to user data option in v. 10?
October 18, 2016 12:43AM
Hey Zibby :

Prevent administrators from viewing or downloading your data (Client Level Only)

Enable this privacy option to prevent users and administrators who are not client owners from seeing the data on the client. Only a client owner may access data protected on the client, for example, perform Browse and Restore, Find, and Reference Copy operations. When this check box is selected or cleared, you must enter your log on password in the Privacy Settings dialog box.

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