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New Tapes in Library

Posted by Homer1976 
New Tapes in Library
February 10, 2017 02:52AM

we have CV Simpana 9 and a Quantum Scalar 50. There is one Library - left and right Magazine.
In the CV Console was under Retired Media a lot of old Retired Medias. The Info Panel shows there have a lot of read and write errors.
So we buyed 10 new tapes. The Data on the Medias (Tapes) is very old and we dont need them to export. I read the manuel and i delete the tapes.
Then i open up both Magazines and change the old with the new Tapes. Reboot the Scalar. The new Barcodes appears in the Web Gui from Scalar.

Now to the Problem:

In CV GUI the old Tapes are visible in "Medias in Library". They are marked with a Question Marker. I cant delete them. The New Tapes are not visible.
I also reboot the Server, but still only the Old Tapes visible. How can i delete them? How can i discover the new Barcodes (Tapes).


Regards from Munich (Bavarian)

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