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Oracle MultiSnap Feature / Netapp

Posted by Noel Echo noel.echo@yahoo.com.au [commvault] 
Noel Echo noel.echo@yahoo.com.au [commvault]
Oracle MultiSnap Feature / Netapp
December 07, 2017 04:59AM
Has anyone use the Oracle Multisnap feature. Here is the link for ithttp://documentation.commvault.com/commvault/v11/article?p=products/oracle/snap/snap_optimization.htmI have an Oracle RAC client with 15 instances/databases.  All databases are sitting on 1 Volume on a Netapp array.  LUN is presented as an NFS volume to the RAC clients.  Oracle version is 12What I did are the following:1. Enable registry key on the Commserve EnableOracleMultiInstanceSnap
2. Enable sMULTIAPPCONSISTENTSNAP registry key on each physical node of the RAC virtual client
3. scheduled all instances to have selective online full ( Intellisnap enabled ) to run at same timeHowever,  I am getting error messageError Code 19:1335Descp: Oracle Backup  [ Error: Oracle Home is empty ]
Source: Sxxx, Process: ClOraAgent
Weird error as the Intellisnap selective online full used to work without this registry key.  Only reason we are doing this is without this feature 15 snapshots will be created on SAMe volumeAny ideas on how to fix this?  Did I miss anything?
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