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amvault and label problem as of 3.4.5

Posted by Winston Sorfleet 
Winston Sorfleet
amvault and label problem as of 3.4.5
November 18, 2017 03:59PM
Context: I have a local backup schema that does daily runs to a NAS VTL,
and a monthly vault of all the full backups (from said VTL) to LTO. 
I've had this working for a number of prior versions of Amanda, with the
latter task invoked from a monthly cron as:

|/usr/sbin/amvault -q -otapetype="LTO2" -olabelstr="Vault-[1-7]"
-otapecycle=5 --latest-fulls --dst-changer "HP G2" --label-template
"Vault-\%" vtl

where "vtl" is the name of the config, shared by both the daily VTL and
monthly LTO..

As of 3.4.5 --dst-changer is deprecated, so I have to use a storage
template from amanda.conf.  I have defined a storage template as follows:

|define storage "HP G2 Robot" {
    tapedev "HP G2"
    tapetype "LTO2"
    #tpchanger "chg-robot:/dev/LTOchanger"
    #autolabel "Vault-%"
    labelstr "Vault-[1-7]"

Now the monthly cron line /I thought/ should be:

|/usr/sbin/amvault -q -otapetype="LTO2" -otapecycle=5
-olabelstr="Vault-[1-7]" -otapedev="HP G2" --latest-fulls
--dest-storage "HP G2 Robot" vtl|

However, this gives me an error message:

|argument 'Vault-[1-7]': labelstr template or MATCH_AUTOLABEL expected
argument 'Vault-[1-7]': labelstr template or MATCH_AUTOLABEL expected
errors processing config file

I /can/ get vaults to the LTO tape if I take out the labelstr... but
then it uses the labelstr ("vtl") of the default daily storage, which
obviously is not desirable in the tapelist file as the "vtl" entries are
reserved for the daily NAS VTL (which continues to work as intended).

My amanda.conf, tapelist, and tapetypes definitions can be seen here:

I've gone over the man pages for amanda.conf, tapelist, amlabel, amvault
a dozen times and I can't see what I'd doing wrong, so I'm hoping that
some extra eyes on this mailing list can help inform me.



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