Restoring tapes
June 23, 2008 07:28AM
I have several tapes that I'm tring to restore. They were created with Backup Express. I know that the format used was "System Independent Data Format" is there any commands that can be used to restore these without using Backup Express?
Restoring tapes
June 23, 2008 11:39AM
Syncsort does have a utility to read Backup Express tapes directly (without a master server). This utility is known as bexrt (Backup Express Read Tape). You can either contact the company that supplied these tapes to you to get a copy of this utility or if you still need further assistance, please contact our support center at (201) 930-8280.

BEXRT <options> destination_disk destination_directory

The various options that can be specified are:

Displays syntax help information and exits
--blocksize <KBsize> Specifies the block size in KB used to process tape data blocks.
Default: 32. Minimum: 32. Maximum: 1024.

--debug <n>

Sets debug level to <n>
--file <pathname> Specifies the full path name to the file to be used to write utility report messages.
Default: STDOUT

--Include <pattern>

Specifies the pattern to be used in selecting files to be restored.
Default: None
--list Enables list mode processing. No files are restored

--numblocks <blockcount>

Restricts the utility to processing <blockcount> blocks in the current partition.
Default: 0 (All blocks are processed)
--partition <partitionnum> Specifies partition number at which to begin processing.
Default: 1. (0 => process all partitions on the tape starting at partition 1)

--record <recordnum>
Specifies the record (block) number within the current partition at which to start processing.
Default: 0 (Start at first data block in the partition)

--scan Enables scan mode processing. No files are restored.

--tapefile <devicefilename>
Specifies the name of the device file that is to be used to access the tape.
Default: tapefile. (eg. Unix: /dev/rmt/tps0d6v; NT: .tape0)

--version Displays the program version number and exits.

For Netware, specifies the working directory tree root name. There must be a subdirectory named LOGS within this directory. Default: SYS:/
Restoring tapes
June 27, 2008 07:39AM
Thanks for the info on bexrt. It was very helpful and I was able to locate a the tape. Is there and switched in bexrt that allows you to read the second tape of a backup.
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