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Posted by ihughley 
March 30, 2009 08:06AM
We continue to have a problem completing our backups, using Syncsort Backup Express and our library is a ADIC Scalar 10_k, when the tape attempts to mount . In the job report we get an error message as follows:

Scratch pool (BEXLCO1) is in status (STATUS_POOL_LOW_WATER): low_water_mark(2) and scratch count(0)

***Out of scratch tapes in media pool BEXlC01***

There are empty tapes available (LTO2) and this happens intermittantly.
Just wondering has anyone else had this problem or know what we can do to resolve it?
March 30, 2009 09:12AM
I am a software engineer for Backup Express and read your posting on the Backup Central Forum. If the empty tapes (LTO2) have not been used before, make sure that the volsers are reserve/define within Scalar DLC Manager.

To reserve/define volsers using the Scalar DLC Manager:
1. From the Scalar DLC tool, Configuration > Clients.
2. Click the appropriate client (for example Client1). Information about the client appears on the right side. There are several tabs on the bottom – Properties, Drives, Volsers, etc. Select the Volsers tab. Icons on the right allow you to "Add new range for reserving" and "Add new range for defining."
3. Reserve and define the tapes from range. Save/update the changes.
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