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Custom Scheduling

Posted by jacksonc 
Custom Scheduling
May 01, 2009 08:18AM
I am new to this product and I have to say there is a definite learning curve here. I am currently trying to establish a backup schedule and just can't believe that the product would work this way, so I must be doing something wrong. I would like to use the last Friday closest to the end of the month as my monthly backup, as opposed to using the 1st of every month. For example: my April 2009 monthly would occur on 5/1/2009, my May backup would occur on 5/29/2009 and my June backup would occur on 7/3/09. Doing this would accomplish three things: 1) it would allow me to capture the entire month. 2) I wouldn't be running a full backup during the middle of the week just because its the 1st. 3) I wouldn't be running redundant full backups. Currently if the 1st falls on a Sunday I run another backup. i just ran a full Friday night. seems kinda silly.

That's what I want to do, but it seems like the Backup Express product will not let me pick particular dates to run a Monthly backup. If I pick the 3rd of July it picks the third of every month from now until the end of time. Is there a way to pick only July 3, 2009 and not every 3rd of the month using this product?

Sorry for the long explanation. Any help is appreciated.
Custom Scheduling
May 01, 2009 01:40PM
I am a software engineer for Backup Express and read your posting on the Backup Central Forum. In Backup Express version 3.0.1 and higher, this capability exists within the Job Schedule. What version are you running? If it is an older version I encourage you us @ (201) 930-8280 and request a newer version. Maintenance does entitle you to a free upgrade to a new release carrying forward all the existing licensed components. If you still need further assistance, please contact our support center at (201) 930-8280.
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