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I tried to get into the Backup Express Forum, but

Posted by Anonymous 
I tried to get into the Backup Express Forum, but
September 08, 2010 07:17PM
I kept going around in circles. I could log onto Backup Central, but couldn't post to the forum. It said I needed to be registered and when I used the same username and password, it said I was already registered.

Anyway, I am brand new to Backup Express. We have a functioning server that someone else load and is running. Today we load the latest version on a Sun running Solaris 10. The install went without a hitch,but in bringing up the Management Console, we immediatel get an error that says 'Your system isn't configured to download this file". I have no idea what this means or how to fix it.

Secondly, the server that is running is backing up to disk. Thats fine, but its not like a virtual tape drive. Whats happening is we have backups set to expire after 30 days. They may get removed from the catalog, but they are still on disk, so I have to log into that server and remove the files for those backups. I'd like to do this all from the GUI, or better yet get these removed automatically after they expire. Thanks.
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