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no entires in RJI file

Posted by Dennis Peacock 
no entires in RJI file
November 03, 2010 09:30AM
Trying to do a restore.
Retention is 547 Days
Backup was ran on 30 May 2009

May 30, 2010 would put us right around day 365 into the retention cycle.
May 30, 2010 is day 150 in the Julian calendar and today is day 307 in the Julian calendar.
This means that 365 + (307 -150) = 522

Which means that my data is still recoverable. So why am I getting this error??
no entires in RJI file
November 03, 2010 09:31AM
....and no......this exact error is not found on the Syncsort Knowledge Base search.
no entires in RJI file
November 03, 2010 01:01PM
Hi Dennis,

I think you need to check your spelling "No Entries in RJI File" gets 10 results.

Do you have the tape marked "offsite" ?
no entires in RJI file
November 03, 2010 03:00PM
No sir. We don't mark tapes for any destination unless it's for the trashcan. :)

I'll have to go and see how many times I can "fat finger it". But...I copied out of the Bex log file and pasted in the knowledge base search. :wink:
no entires in RJI file
November 04, 2010 05:31AM
Sometimes the BEX logs have been known to have spelling misstakes... nobody is perfect

Here is a list from the Knowledgebase

1. A004520 - NDMP Restore Without File History Fails with 'No Entries In RJI file'
2. A002002 - NDMP Restore Fails with No Entries in RJI File
3. A003273 - LOTUS DOMINO Restore, No Entries In Rji File
4. A006096 - Restoring Files on OES2 Linux May Result in an
5. A001678 - Raw Mode Restore Fails to Run with No Entries in RJI Error
6. A001798 - Exchange 5.5 Restore Definition Incorrectly Formatted
7. A000564 - Restore Fails When Tapes Used are Marked Offsite

take a pick.
no entires in RJI file
November 10, 2010 02:16PM
1. Save the restore job.
2. Click the restore Preview Button
3. Compare the Restore Preview Output with a Media Volume Report.
4. If restoring using a tape library, make sure all tapes required for the restore are in the library and that the library's inventory has been updated.

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