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tar backup Smoothwall box

Posted by Guest 
tar backup Smoothwall box
October 28, 2010 09:30AM
My residence computers were behind a different Linux based firewall box. I have just changed to a Smoothwall 3.0 box and had issues getting it to backup to my BackupPC server.

To me the joys of Linux are all the ways to get from point 'A' to point 'B'. Having solved my problem, I felt the need to share my experiences. My way may not have been the best way, but I got it to work.

[quote] p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } [list=1] [*]
Initial failure was a [i]tar exited with error 65280 () status[/i] [list=1] [*]
This was resolved by running ssh -p 222 [Smoothwall-hostname] manually from the server as 'backuppc' user.
I manually accept ssh keys by entering password. [list=1] [*]
I have had issue with this in the past (see my other posts to this forum) Only have to enter manually this initial first login. [*]
All subsequent logins work automatically (as they should have the first time.) [/list] [/list] [*]
Then my log showed failure was a [i]tar exited with error 32512 () status[/i]. [list=1] [*]
This is caused by: [list=1] [*]
Apparently Smoothwall's tar is not in the path BackupPC is looking for. [*]
I found my Smoothwall tar under /usr/bin/tar (BackupPC is looking in /bin/tar). [*]
Simply go to BackupPC and edit the Smoothwall client. [list=1] [*]
Go to the 'Xfer'. [*]
Replace the '$tarpath' within 'TarClientCmd' with 'usr/bin/tar'. [list=1] [*]
(I tried changing the path via the 'TarClientPath' AND IT WOULD NOT WORK!!) [*]
(So, I didn't do that.) [/list] [*]
NOW, Replace the '$tarpath' in 'TarClientRestoreCmd' with 'usr/bin/tar'. [/list] [/list] [*]
This solved the my problem. [/list] [/list] [/quote]
Granted there may be a better way of doing this, but like I said before. With Linux, there are so many ways to 'get it done'.

Now, having spent a couple days scratching my head and burning my brain out solving this, what does anyone think? For being pretty much a novice, how did I do?
Bob Wooden
Nashville, TN

"Enjoying life at my best!"
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