Andre Bischof
regressing failed
May 28, 2017 04:50PM

I use rdiff ever since, for some years via backupninja. Some time ago, a
backup failed, and I started to get this error message:

== fatal errors from /etc/backup.d/90.rdiff ==

Info: Removing backups older than 400D days succeeded.
Error: Previous backup seems to have failed, regressing destination now. Warning, could not find mirror_metadata file. Metadata will be read from filesystem instead. Fatal Error: No metadata for time Fri Dec 2 20:06:38 2016 (1480705598) found, cannot regress
Fatal: Failed backup up source

I tried the hints from

which suggests deleting duplicate current_mirror*data and moving
mirror_metadata*gz, but without success.

Maybe I deleted the wrong file. I remember solving a similar problem
some years ago succesfully this way.

I would be very grateful for any clues how to solve my problem without
starting a complete new backup.

Kind regards

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