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help for newbie : diff tool

Posted by Anonymous 
help for newbie : diff tool
January 09, 2004 12:27AM
i want to take a diff of two binary files how can do
that anybody suguest me some tool.can i use any part
of rdiff-backup for this purpose?

--- "Andrew K. Bressen" <bressen < at > mirror.to> wrote: >
[quote]manu aradhya <manu_aradhya < at > yahoo.co.in> writes:
[quote]hi all iam very new to rdiff-backup i have huge
file (databasefile (binary)) which will grow
regularly. at first i want to take full backup of
[quote]then everyday i want to take incremental backups
(diffs).i tried with rdiff-backup,
rdiff-backup does this backwards from most other
backup programs.

The first time you make a backup, it copies
(makes a full backup).

When you make an increment,
it does not store the diffs that make the old files
into the current files.

Instead, it turns the backup into being the same as
the current files,
and stores the diffs to make it into older versions.

This is good because the most recent versions of
files are always
easy to get to. This does not use extra bandwidth
because it uses
the rsync algorithm.

[quote]If i want to restore do i need to
start from this first time backed file, and then
[/quote]do i
[quote]need to restore diffs on the same file.
No, you use rdiff-backup to make restores,
and you tell it what time you want the restore to
look like.
It starts with the most current version of the
and then it applies diffs to make it into older
versions if
that is what you need. .

[quote]i just need a full backup of the source file for
[quote]first time (this fullbackup is going to written on
[quote]cdrw).and everyday a incremental backup (diff).how
[quote]restore once again ? pls somebody suguest me some
rdiff-backup does not really work like this.
it needs to always be able to get to the full backup
and change it,
so burning it onto a cd is not the way to go.

Hope this helps.

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