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Some Difficult questions to ask

Posted by Anonymous 
Some Difficult questions to ask
April 14, 2004 07:02PM
I just want to say I love rdiff and what it was meant and made to do.

I am trying to get this implemented on a fairly large server farm across
several backup servers. Ideally I would just have one large array and
everything running on a seperate network (so there isnt traffic going
through the router). But that isnt the case. I am running multiple
servers at its difficult to manage.

Anyways now heres my questions.
What happens if a server crashes in middle of running an rdiff-backup?
Does it continue if the server comes up? And if it does or doesnt, are
the rdiff-backup-data folders corrupted from there on out? I noticed
that there was an option to --force but I noticed that It wouldn't work,
if I exited out of a backup in the middle. Now that being the case,
How could I determine if the job completed succesfully or failed,
because of the rdiff-backup-data was corrupted. I mean besides keeping
an eye on it all day long.

Also about the force option, If i delete the rdiff-backup-data
directory, and run the backup with the force option, is there any
downside to doing that, or will it attempt to verify its mirroring
still, or will it just overwrite everything?

Also what happens if the Updated mirror temp file does not match the
source file. Is there anything negative to this, does it skip or just

Thats all i have for now. Im sure I will have some more difficult
questions to ask in the near future.
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