Backing up Windows shares from freebsd
March 07, 2011 06:07PM
I've build a FreeBSD server which is to backup some window machines. I figured out how to use amd to automatically mount the Windows shares on freebsd, and have them set to back up with rsnapshot. My backup line sets their destination in localhost/ However, when I am running rsnapshot, if I go to check on what is going into the backup directory, the directory only exists so long as the Windows share stays mounted in the main file system. The directory into which the backup is being placed is a link to the Windows share directory. I have no idea what is happening here and how to make it perform correctly by backing up to a real directory.

df shows me that I have lots of files backed up via this method, but since the backup directory disappears when the Windows share is disconnected, I have no idea where these files are. I would appreciate any guidance.
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