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Beginner Rsnapshot Webmin
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Beginner Rsnapshot Webmin

Posted by Anonymous 
Beginner Rsnapshot Webmin
November 28, 2014 06:12PM
alka5eltzer <rsnaphshot-forum <at>> writes:

Thanks for getting back to me guys

By any chance - does anyone know how to set up the Webmin rsnapshot
[/quote]module? Is there an example anywhere?
[quote]Theres plenty of information on how to install the module... but I'm not
[/quote]having any luck on how to set it up :(
Thanks again


The Webmin module is a graphical interface for /etc/rsnapshot.conf
(you may specify another location for this file by clicking on "Module
Config" in the upper left corner).
The /etc/rsnapshot.conf file may be edited by hand or through the webmin
module, or both.

Each field in the webmin module comes with an explanation in a popup that
you can open by clicking.

Remember that after having configured /etc/rsnapshot.conf, you need to call
rsnapshot on a daily or hourly basis. This has to be done by a tool
different from Rsnapshot and Webmin. The standard Cron or Anacron Unix
utilities are a popular way to do so, and the webmin module helps you
configuring boths of those tools. Look the "Cron" and "Anacron" buttons at
the bottom of the page.

Have fun

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