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rsnapshot-discuss Digest, Vol 108, Issue 9

Posted by Anonymous 
rsnapshot-discuss Digest, Vol 108, Issue 9
June 07, 2015 01:32PM
[quote]Version 1: rsnapshot running on the client, with the backup set being
[/quote]accessed via NFS mount(s) from the server.
[quote]From the point of view of this
[/quote]process, it's comparing two local files at a time. Recall how rsyncworks: candidate files are compared by various criteria includingblock-by-block to minimize the amount of physical copying.

As I recall, when it's running locally like this, rsync does not compare blocks because as you explained that would result in even more io than a simple copy would. Rather works almost exactly like cp -a.

Note also as mentioned before, there is a REASON we use network rsync rather than NFS for network backups. If you get hit with Bitlocker, or "rm -r .*", or any of a number of other things, your NFS storage will be deleted. Backups on NFS are not really backups. Because they appear to be local storage, they will be destroyed when local storage is destroyed.

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