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Poor performance on NFS

Posted by Anonymous 
Poor performance on NFS
July 08, 2016 01:40AM

We're happily using rsnapshot for backups on several servers.
We mainly backup to NFS shares, hosted on mid/low end NASes like Iomega ix2 or similar. Sadly these kind of NASes have poor performances, and often rsnapshot fails at some stages, like in doing rm or other

[07/Jul/2016] /usr/bin/rsnapshot daily: ERROR: Warning! /bin/rm failed.
[07/Jul/2016] /usr/bin/rsnapshot daily: ERROR: Could not rm_rf("/backup-dati/rsnapshot/daily.6/");

[07/Jul/2016] /usr/bin/rsnapshot daily: ERROR: Could not rename("/backup-zimbra/rsnapshot/daily.4", "/backup-zimbra/rsnapshot/daily.5")
[07/Jul/2016] /usr/bin/rsnapshot daily: ERROR: Error! safe_rename("/backup-zimbra/rsnapshot/daily.4/", "/backup-zimbra/rsnapshot/daily.5/")

Are there some advices or tweaks which could be done, at NAS or mount level, to avoid or mitigate this kind of issues?

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