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rsnapshot launches daily snapshot every

Posted by Anonymous 
rsnapshot launches daily snapshot every
December 26, 2007 12:31AM
Hallo, Tim,

Du (timcbest) meintest am 20.12.07:

[quote]I'm running an OS X box with rsnapshot from launchd.
[quote]I have the hourly's set up on 4 hour intervals and the daily's
running once a day everyday at 10pm except for Sunday. The hourly
and the daily's get created fine. But then something launches the
daily rsnapshot again at 2 am and it runs every minute until 3 am.

Vixie Cron or another cron?

Where have you put the cronjob, how does it look?

[quote]My logs aren't telling me what is launching it... I checked all the
users' crontab and nothing is in there.
No user (except "root") should start "rsnapshot".

[quote]I stopped launchd last night
to see if rsnapshot still launched at 2am and it did, so its not
launchd causing the problem.
A better idea: look into "/var/log/rsnapshot.log" (or however "/etc/
rsnapshot.conf" has named the logfile).

Viele Gruesse!

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