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New CVS snapshot

Posted by Anonymous 
New CVS snapshot
September 03, 2004 11:24PM
I have posted a new rsnapshot CVS tarball at the following URL:


This update incorporates some of the changes that have been discussed on
(and contributed by people on) the list.


The --relative option to rsync is now the default. Therefore, the
default value for rsync_long_args is now:

#rsync_long_args --delete --numeric-ids --relative

If you have rsync_long_args commented out in your config file, you might
want to add "--relative" to the end of the comment for the sake of
clarity (just like the example above). If your rsync_long_args parameter
is enabled explicitly, it will still continue to work as before.
However, it seems the future of rsnapshot will be with the --relative
option. (Speak now or forever hold your peace!)

The most radical change, though, is that you now must specify your
destination paths differently than before. Here is an example of how to
perform this conversion:

backup /etc/ localhost/etc/
backup /home/ localhost/home/
backup /usr/local/ localhost/usr/local/
backup_script /usr/local/bin/backup_mysql.sh localhost/mysql_backup/

backup /etc/ localhost/
backup /home/ localhost/
backup /usr/local/ localhost/
backup_script /usr/local/bin/backup_mysql.sh localhost/mysql_backup/

The difference (again) is due to the --relative flag being passed to
rsync. With these examples, provided you make the changes as shown, the
backups should continue to behave exactly as before.

Pay special attention to the fact that the backup_script parameter is
completely unchanged. Just as before, when backup_script runs, it clears
out the contents of the destination directory first and copies the new
contents in. This means that if you specify localhost/ as the
destination, it will delete the files you just backed up and replace the
with the output of your backup_script. Not a single line of the
backup_script code has changed, but this mistake seems easier to make
now, because more of the adjacent settings on the backup points will be
identical to each other.

Good news for those trying to backup the root filesystem with the one_fs
setting enabled! Thanks to a patch from Bharat, rsnapshot now completely
forgoes the multiple rsync invocation workaround to avoid backing up the
snapshot_root directory. Instead, --exclude statements are assigned to
backup points dynamically. His code accomplishes what mine was supposed
to, but without the unwanted side effects on the one_fs option.

Finally, since --relative is enabled, include/exclude parameters can now
be specified with full paths. Relative exclude patterns (such as "CVS"
or "*.swp") should continue to work, man rsync(1) for the full details.

This version didn't set my server on fire, but it is a CVS build, so you
never know what can happen. I imagine any unsquashed bugs would be of
the subtle variety, but there are almost certainly things that can be
improved upon.

There is also a small change to the config file syntax (also from
Bharat) that allows additive options on a per-backup point basis.
Essentially it allows a + at the beginning of a parameter to add it to
the existing defaults, instead of replacing them entirely.

No work has been done on the new config file syntax because we don't yet
know what it will look like. It looks like the non-XML config format has
some momentum, but I'd really like to hear what people's ideal format
would look like.

If you're adventurous, please try this out where it can't cause too much
trouble, and let me know what you think!


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