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Warning: bsock.c:123 error file storage

Posted by trinkity 
Warning: bsock.c:123 error file storage
August 11, 2008 05:10AM
this is my first post :) and my first problem with bacula.
i've installed bacula on 486 for test it.
i've create a job test in localhost and [b]it work correctly[/b].
I've installed bacula-fd on my mac os X machine.
in bconsole the status
Connecting to Client galadriel-fd at [url=][/url]

galadriel-fd Version: 2.2.5 (09 October 2007) powerpc-apple-darwin8.10.0 darwin 8.10.0
Daemon started 11-Aug-08 10:48, 0 Jobs run since started.
Heap: heap=0 smbytes=22,386 max_bytes=25,726 bufs=84 max_bufs=105
Sizeof: boffset_t=8 size_t=4 debug=1 trace=0

Running Jobs:
JobId 44 Job Galadriel.2008-08-11_13.36.04 is running.
System or Console Job started: 11-Aug-08 13:36
Files=0 Bytes=0 Bytes/sec=0 Errors=0
Files Examined=0
SDSocket closed.
Director connected at: 11-Aug-08 14:01

and estimate
Select Job resource (1-4): 1
Using Catalog "MyCatalog"
Connecting to Client galadriel-fd at [url=][/url]
2000 OK estimate files=344 bytes=81,056,420

the status storage

Automatically selected Storage: File
Connecting to Storage daemon File at chimera:9103

chimera-sd Version: 2.2.8 (26 January 2008) i486-pc-linux-gnu debian lenny/sid
Daemon started 11-ago-08 13:34, 1 Job run since started.
Heap: heap=307,200 smbytes=149,905 max_bytes=216,783 bufs=95 max_bufs=104
Sizes: boffset_t=8 size_t=4 int32_t=4 int64_t=8

Running Jobs:
Backup Job Galadriel.2008-08-11_13.36.04 waiting for Client connection.
Writing: Full Backup job Galadriel JobId=44 Volume="File01"
pool="Default" device="FileStorage" (/media/backup)
spooling=0 despooling=0 despool_wait=0
Files=0 Bytes=0 Bytes/sec=0
FDSocket closed

Jobs waiting to reserve a drive:

Terminated Jobs:
JobId Level Files Bytes Status Finished Name
34 Full 0 0 OK 11-ago-08 11:57 Galadriel
35 Full 0 0 Cancel 11-ago-08 12:29 Galadriel
36 Full 0 0 Cancel 11-ago-08 12:41 Arwen
37 Full 0 0 Cancel 11-ago-08 12:51 Arwen
38 Full 12 17.67 M OK 11-ago-08 12:51 Test_Backup
39 Full 12 17.67 M OK 11-ago-08 12:52 Test_Backup
40 Full 0 0 Cancel 11-ago-08 13:09 Galadriel
41 Full 0 0 Cancel 11-ago-08 13:25 Galadriel
42 Full 0 0 Cancel 11-ago-08 13:34 Galadriel
43 Full 12 17.67 M OK 11-ago-08 13:35 Test_Backup

Device status:
Device "FileStorage" (/media/backup) is not open.

In Use Volume status:
macOS on device "FileStorage" (/media/backup)
Reader=0 writers=0 reserved=1 released=0

the comunication is OK but when i try to lunch a job return

11-ago 13:46 galadriel-fd JobId 44: Warning: bsock.c:123 Could not connect to Storage daemon on chimera:9103. ERR=Connection refused

any idea?

sorry for my bad english[/code]
Warning: bsock.c:123 error file storage
August 12, 2008 03:06AM
I resolved :D :D :D :D :D

the problem is in the address file storage
in the bacula-dir.conf
Storage {
Name = File
# Do not use "localhost" here
Address = #chimera-sd # N.B. Use a fully qualified name here
SDPort = 9103
# Password = "Cv70F6pf1t6pBopT4vQOnigDrR0v3LT3Cgkiyj"
Password = "bacula_stor"
Device = FileStorage
Media Type = File
the address is the ip of bacula server

in the bacula-sd.conf
Storage { # definition of myself
Name = chimera-sd
SDport = 9103
WorkingDirectory = /var/lib/bacula
Pid Directory = "/var/run/bacula"
Maximum Concurrent Jobs = 20
# SDAddress = chimera-sd
i've commented the option SD Address.
it's optional.

Bye :)
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