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high priority job not running

Posted by scar 
high priority job not running
July 27, 2017 02:59PM
Hi all, we are using bacula 5.2.6. I have disk-based storage with 4
devices defined, and 20 max concurrent jobs for the storage demon. All
the file demons also have 20 max concurrent jobs. In the director, it
has 10 max concurrent jobs, the DefaultJob JobDefs is used for all jobs,
which has Priority=10 and Allow Mixed Priority=yes. Thus all the
scheduled backup jobs run with 10 priority. The current situation is
that 4 jobs can be run at once, due to the storage device limitation.
Now i have created a priority 1 restore job for one of our clients which
needed a new OS disk, which i wanted to run immediately as soon as one
of the current jobs finishes and frees up a storage device. However,
this restore job was stuck "waiting for higher priority jobs to finish"
even after one of the priority 10 jobs finished and only 3 of the 4
storage devices were used. In fact, this priority 1 restore job did not
run until all 4 of the priority 10 jobs were finished or cancelled by
me. I thought the Allow Mixed Priority=yes would allow for the restore
job to run as soon as a storage device became available, but apparently
I am missing something and it has caused me to cancel some backup jobs
that were running for some days, so now am behind schedule. Can you let
me know what may have been overlooked, and how i could have run a
priority 1 restore job immediately?

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