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Slightly off topic: HP MSL8096 tape library, HP LTO drives,

Posted by Anonymous 
Slightly off topic: HP MSL8096 tape library, HP LTO drives,
May 10, 2013 09:34AM
I've inherited an HP MSL8096 tape library with 4 LTO5 drives.
Wondering if anybody can provide some information or documentation on this:

Looking at the web interface to the library, Status > Inventory shows the magazine slots and the cartridges in them.
Clicking the + for a magazine expands into the text listing the cartridges.
Each cartridge has a "media load " column with the number of times the cartridge has been mounted, plus a comment column that shows "encrypted: or "not encrypted".

For some cartridges it is showing "encrypted, poor write quality".

I'm trying to find out where that "poor write quality" designation comes from.
Does it come back from the drive to the library?
Or is the library somehow getting the information from the chip on the cartridge, or what?
If the cartridge gets ejected and returned to a different slot a month later, what happens?

The cartridges marked in this way have shown no errors in TSM.
Is this an indicator of damaged media, or just poor performance?

The HP MSL8096 user guide and the LTO media guide don't even have the term "poor write quality" in them anywhere.

Anybody have insight into this? It could be very valuable info, if I could figure out how to use it...

Thanks and have a good spring weekend!


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