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Protectier volume shortage.

Posted by Harris, Steven 
Harris, Steven
Protectier volume shortage.
July 10, 2018 08:59PM
Hi Guys

I'm looking for some help with managing a protectier VTL.

A bit of background we have two sites TSM and a protectier gateway at each with 1 PB of storage behind it.
There are two main TSM instances at each site, one for VM snaps and one for BA Client backups. Offsite replication is by Global Mirror of the disk and Protectier replication. No TSM node replication. Each instance has its own Virtual Library

So we went close to filling up one of the Protectiers a while back. Got down to 5% free space, when the limit is 10%. The situation has now improved by moving most of the BA client load on to a Data Domain, and unloading long term backups to real tape, so we are about 25% free on the protectier.

Before the space issues, we were allocating Protectier carts at 100GB max. The protectier will allocate up to that limit but will truncate sooner if it runs out of space.
When we got short on space we needed to allocate additional volumes and did so as we needed to. While we still specified 100GB most are smaller than that, some down as small as 30GB.
What has happened now is that even though the protectier free space has improved, the size of volumes has not, and, as TSM reclaims volumes they are being truncated at a smaller size than they were. Thus we are running out of volumes again and reclaim is making things worse rather than better.

A complicating factor is that if a volume is unavailable when needed by the VBS Datamover, which uses lan-free to the VTL, the VM backup fails, so running lean is not really an option.

The space saving has come from a different virtual library to where the space is needed. Is this significant?
Has anyone come across this and developed a management strategy? All I can think of is moving empty carts to the "shelf" and deleting them from there. If I do this from the same library with the space shortages that will make things worse in terms of number-of-volumes.



Steven Harris
TSM Admin/Consultant
Canberra Australia

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