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Suggested Long Term Solution

Posted by arctics 
Suggested Long Term Solution
November 16, 2011 10:46AM

We are a quick expanding organization looking to replace the current backup solution in place.

[b]Current Setup[/b]
We're using backuppc installed on an old hp dl385 g1 to backup locally, then archiving externally to disk (esata) for offsite backups. We run nightly incrementals and weekly fulls. Our external archives are encrypted using truecrypt.

[b]Reason For Replacing[/b]
The existing server's components are failing, with multiple hard drive failures, memory failures and even a drive bay failure in recent months. Additionally, we are looking to get away from backuppc to move to a more mainstream solution for two reasons, first because professional support is available when needed, second because the turnover rate is relatively high, so future admins should be able to function with the backup server as easily as possible. Finally, storage capacity has been reached on this server and investing further funds into it for expansion is not a route we'd like to go.

[b]What we're backing up[/b]
2 vmware servers, with about 8 vm's each including a mix of windows and linux OS's.
6 physical servers, mixed linux and windows
2 sql servers
2 AD domain controllers (separate domains)

[b]What we're considering[/b]
We're considering replacing the server with a new HP dl380 g7 with sufficient internal storage to allow for 5 full backup sets and 1 weeks worth of incrementals. External backups run via esata / usb 3.0 to external drives. Backup Exec on windows 2008 as the application.

Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated.
Suggested Long Term Solution
February 16, 2012 12:35PM
What is the total amount of data for backup ( make sure you consider how much your company is growing per year ) ? Did you look into cloud as an archive option ? It can pretty affordable, and most gateways can provide encryption already.

What is the lifespan of your files? Permanent?

Suggested Long Term Solution
May 14, 2012 04:01PM
Is there a budget constraint here? Seems like you're doing it on the cheap and doing most by hand. What about a backup window?

We find that tape is still a great long-term solution, letting the robot do all the work. On a routine basis (i.e. every morning) you take the tapes out of the I/E station and put rotated/expired media in. Even if one drive drops offline the application simply utilizes the next available drive.

But again, budget is a big question. Fibre or SAS HBA to small LTO5 based Powervault 124T holds up to 16 pieces of media and will push data >140MB/s (depending on make/model of drive). Quantum has the Superloader 3, Overland has another similar.
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