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Problem with Amanda client on RHEL7

Posted by Yzord 
Problem with Amanda client on RHEL7
August 05, 2015 09:15AM
We have 90 servers and most of them are RHEL 5 & 6, but we are in the middle of a migration to RHEL7. De only problem we have is that we are trying to install the Amanda backup client which succeeds, but the server cannot connect to the client. The amcheck gives us this result:

[quote]Amanda Backup Client Hosts Check
WARNING: host.domain.nl: selfcheck request failed: timeout waiting for ACK
Client check: 60 hosts checked in 30.129 seconds. 1 problem found.[/quote]

While the configuration is exactly the same as the other servers. Anyone with knowledge of RHEL7 knows what i am doing wrong here? Is there something specific i need to look at with RHEL7? We know how to configure RHEL5 & 6 servers, so it is not the configuration, but maybe something has been changed in RHEL7 of which we don't know about.

Hope someone can help.

* The Amanda forum is full of spam, so i hope people don't get mad i place it here.
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