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HP MSL6480 Tape Library and IBM TKLM
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HP MSL6480 Tape Library and IBM TKLM

Posted by richpro 
HP MSL6480 Tape Library and IBM TKLM
November 11, 2015 01:59PM

I am new to encryption. I have followed the KMIP wizard in the MSL6480 and have created what I believe to be a certificate. There is a 'Generate New Certificate' option in the wizard. Once the certificate is created I am asked to 'Sign Library Certificate'. How do I do this? If I copy the text of the generated certificate and save it as a .txt or .crt file should I be able to import the file into TKLM? I have tried this but TKLM tells me that it isn't a base64 file. Once I have a signed certificate I think I should copy the text back in to the MSL6480 wizard.
So to summarize: I have a CA created by TKLM that I have copied into the MSL6480 wizard but now I think I need a certificate generated by the MSL6480 wizard but I need that certificate signed then imported into TKLM, then exported out of TKLM and then finally copied into the MSL6480 wizard.
If any one can tell me if this is the correct procedure I would be grateful as I am struggling with this, I have read and re-read online docs but with no success.
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